Groningen Ukulele Society

G.U.S., The Ukulele Club of Groningen, The Netherlands

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The Next GUS Meeting – 7 August

After a wonderful season of the Groningen Ukulele Society, full of smiles and wonderful music, lots of new faces, lots of familiar faces and lots of new songs and fun nights, it’s time for us to take a short pause.

After a quick ‘uke tour’ the GUS will be back in business on the 7th of august – same place, same time, to uke up your lives, put smiles on your faces and offer a warm friendly and safe place for people to come together and play that wonderous little instrument:  The Ukulele

See you all on the 7th of August –

But if you are in need of a bit of GUS fun, we will be giving a singalong at the:

Ukulelen Jamboree in Seefelder (near Bremen, Germany) on saturday 21 july:     Seefelder Ukulele Jamboree