Groningen Ukulele Society

G.U.S., The Ukulele Club of Groningen, The Netherlands

G.U.S. videos

For more videos and GUS tutorials visit our GUS You-Tube page

The GUS Open Podium night  in june 2019

The GUS Open Podium night in june 2018

On the stage at the 6th Big Ukulele Xmas Singalong with that there Groningen Ukulele Society and friends

The GUS Ukulele Open Podium evening in july 2017,

A little peek at the Groningen Ukulele Society Meeting playing one of our favorite songs.

G.U.S. open podium evening – the june edition..   Folks from the GUS ‘uke’ing up their lives.


G.U.S. open podium evening 22 of june.  Various members of the GUS doing their thing.


A clip from the Groniingen Ukulele Society’s meeting (17th may) celebrating it’s 4th anniversary


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