Groningen Ukulele Society

G.U.S., The Ukulele Club of Groningen, The Netherlands

The 6th edition of the great big ukulele Xmas singalong


It’s all happening in Groningen – well – Ukulele Xmas anyway!!

The 6th edition of that wonderful thing that is the  Big Ukulele Xmas Singalong this year will be held at the Lola in Groningen on the 16th of december with the doors opening at 4 o’clock.

We’ve got a lot of fun to fit in so we’re starting the party early

This year there will be a buffet, Ukulele Lucky Dip Singalong, an opening set by that big bad – Groningen Ukulele Society, ukulele open stage, guests acts The Coconut Knackers, Brasso, D’Clogs and of course, good ole’ ukulele fun for everyone.

The buffet starts at 5 o’clock and the night begins with the Groningen Ukulele Society opening  concert starting at 6 o’clock

Don’t forget the Big Ukulele Xmas singalong session led by D’Clog and friends !!!!  

Xmas starts in Groningen with the Groningen Ukulele Society’s

‘6th Big Ukulele Xmas Singalong’

It’s free by the way – coz that’s the way we like it !!!

Here’s a few foto’s of last years Xmas Ukefest to give you an idea – GUS Xmas 2016

And a vid 

and the Xmas singalong songbook of course     The GUS Xmas Singalong Songbook




Be there or ‘ave a banana.



Author: Groningen Ukulele Society

Groningen Ukulele Society is a ukulele club based in Groningen, Netherlands. We meet on a tuesday evening and welkome everyone to come and have a go or join in on that most wonderful and underestimated little instrument - The Ukulele

2 thoughts on “The 6th edition of the great big ukulele Xmas singalong

  1. Ja, ik kom met mijn vrouw en neem mijn sopranissimo mee! Moet ik ons aanmelden?

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