Groningen Ukulele Society

G.U.S., The Ukulele Club of Groningen, The Netherlands

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Keep on Uke’n

Whilst we are waiting to see how the corona crisis plays out and start our meetings again in a safe and happy environment, let’s not forget to

‘Uke up our Lives’

Playing at home and alone can leave us without inspiration and make us forget what a wonderful, fun and people friendly instrument and community the ukulele world is.

But don’t forget, amongst the sharks and commercial moneymakers targeting our community there are plenty of non-commercial groups (like ourselves) out there, offering resources and support to the ukulele world.

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration outside of our GUS songbooks, you could do a lot worse than check out Ukulele-tabs,

an open and free resource for the ukulele community full of songs and tips for ukulele players waiting for their clubs to reopen.

Here is the link

Keep on Uke’n and stay safe folks