Groningen Ukulele Society

G.U.S., The Ukulele Club of Groningen, The Netherlands

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The Next Groningen Ukulele Society Meeting – 27 september

Hey Ho – Let’s Go !!

Time for another evening of ukulele fun with the Groningen Ukulele Society

We’ll be upstairs in the o’ceallaighs lounge – Pop in and play along – you know you want to.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been playing a while or new!

The GUS is the place for you!

Learn some skills and have some fun

It’s ukulele – it’s free – it’s for everyone!

There will be a couple of extra ukes and some books – so no excuse.


o’ceallaighs irish pub (Gedempte Kattendiep 13, 9711 PL Groningen)


27th of september – 7 o’clock till half past nine


Hey – It’s Ukulele – nuf said!!

See you there – or be square

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The next Groningen Ukulele Society Meeting – 13 sept

Wanna play uke – live in or near Groningen?

Well – come on down to o’ceallaighs on tuesday evening and ‘slap some uke’ with the Groningen Ukulele Society.

When is next tuesday and when do we start:

13 september at 7 o’clock

Where is o’ceallaighs?

Gedempte Kattendiep 13, 9711 PL Groningen

It’s fun and free and for everybody

There are books to borrow and a couple of extra ukes lying around to use (if yer early enough)

There will be smiling, singing n’ drinking!

Sounds like something for you?

Then see you there – or be square!!

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The next Groningen Ukulele Society Meeting – 30 august

Hey Folks,

Time for another Ukulele evening with that there Groningen Ukulele Society… the funkiest uke club around.

As y’all know – we where sundaying it for a while – but now we are back in style!!

We’ve moved back to our famous tuesday evening in t’ pub sessions – how it was – how it should be !!

Yep – we’re back in the Irish Pub you all know and love.

Pop on down and enjoy an evening of ukulele fun in the ‘posh new lounge’ at o’ceallaighs Irish Pub here in Groningen. (kattendiep 13, Groningen)

The next meeting is on the 30th of august, we begin at 7 o’clock and play through till half past nine

It’s free and easy – for beginners and ukulele sinners – everybody welcome.

There are a couple of spare ukes and some songbooks for use on the night – so no excuses there – if you don’t come on down – you’re just square!!

See y’all there

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The next Groningen Ukulele Society Meeting – 16th of August

Hey Folks,

We are going to have a very short pause and then we are relocating back to our wonderful home-base in o’ceallaighs Irish Pub (gedempte Kattendiep 13, Groningen) beginning on the 16th of August (2022).

The meeting will begin at 19:00 and run on till 21:30 and as always is open to everybody and anybody who plays (or wants to play – or thinks they can play) ukulele

There will be a couple of ukes to use if you have no ukulele of your own, also spare songbooks (which can also be downloaded from this site for free) – so – no excuses!!

Come on down to the funkiest ukulele club around -in ole Groningen town

You know you wanna !

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The Next GUS meeting – 19 june 2022

The sun is shining and the MON building is open again so it’s time for UKULELE

That’s right folks, polish your ukes, grab your friends and come on down to the funkiest ukulele club around.

Everybody is welcome whether you can play one chord or one hundred, it’s all about that uke fun.

The books are downloadable for free here on our website and there will be one or two ukes to use for those nervous beginners..

Let’s have some fun – Let’s uke at the MON.

It’s Free – It’s Easy

It’s ukulele with the Groningen Ukulele Society

see you there – or be a square

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The Next GUS Meeting – sunday the 8th of may

Hey Ukulele folk, it’s time for a Groningen Ukulele Society Meeting again !

Our next meeting will be on:

Sunday the 8th of may 2022 from 14:30 until 16:30 in CafeMON

(Muziek Organisatie Noord, Bieslookstraat 23, 9731HH, Groningen, NL)

So grab your ukes and come on down to the funkiest uke club in town, bring a friend and a smile and play uke for a while.

Don’t forget – it’s fun – it’s free – it’s for everybody – it’s ukulele

There’s free parking, there’s a bus stop near by, and there’s a bar

Don’t forget – you can find the books here –

Come on down and have a go – you know you wanna

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The Next Groningen Ukulele Society Meeting – tuesday 9 january 2018

De volgende meeting is in de bovenruimte van O’ceallaigh Irish Pub, Gedempte Kattendiep 13, Groningen op dinsdag avond, 9 januari 2018 van 19;00 tot 21:30 uur.

Iedereen is van harte welkom om mee te komen spelen en zingen in deze gezellige pub.

Neem een Uke en je goeie humeur mee als wij populaire liedjes proberen te spelen in een laagdrempelige en

ontspannen sfeer. Tevens liggen er hier ukuleles voor de mensen die er nog geen in bezit hebben.

Songbooks zijn te vinden op de GUS Songbook pagina.

De G.U.S. is bedoeld om beginners en gevorderden te laten genieten (met een beetje begeleiding) van het eenvoudig en geweldig instrument

– De Ukulele – 

The next GUS meeting is in the upstairs room (lounge) of o’ceallaigh Irish Pub, Kattendiep 13, Groningen on tuesday the 9th of january 2018. The session starts at 7 0’clock and finishes (officially) at half past nine.

Everyone is welcome to come along and join in with the ukulele fun and madness in the wonderful and cozy environmentof a traditional Irish bar.

It’s free, it’s easy. It’s  for beginners and worldclass players, there are spare ukuleles and songbooks, so come on down to the best ukulele club around.


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The 8th Bremen Ukulele Festival – 2 september

We are happy to announce that it is the 8th edition of the Bremen Ukulele Somerfestival, the best ukulele festival of Bremen, Germany. It’s on the 2nd of september at the Gramber Seebad (Grambker Dorfstr. 52. 28719 Bremen.  It starts at 2 o’clock, it finishes late, theres fun and games an beer and food and performance and open stage and lots of ukulele folk – it costs €2 to get in and join in – and of course – the Groningen Ukulele Society will be there – coz we love our sister club – the 1. Bremer ukulelenorchester.

Here is a link to the ‘Bremen Site’    –


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The 5th Big Ukulele Xmas Singalong 2017

Well, what a whopper. It’s been and it’s gone, another piece of ukulele hustory here in Groningen, The Netherlands, way up north near the German border!

The 5th edition of the Great Big Xmas Ukulele Singalong (2017).

This year we filled the beautiful Club Lola (Groningen)  with our ukulele friends and sister club from Bremen, (the 1. Bremer Ukulelenorchester) and the ‘Coconut Knackers’ (our friends Dr. Dick and Ton) from Harderwijk (nl) and lots of other folks,,,   And of course the Groningen Ukulele Society.

Opened with a performance from the GUS, followed by performances by ‘Bremen’ the Coconut Knackers, UkeX, Anneloes Jager, Achem (dl), Bremen’2, Myrthe (nl) Anneloes and Simone and maybe more,(a bit vague – well – it was a party!).

Of course, the tradition continued with a 10 o’clock ‘Xmas Singalong Session’led by D’Clog & Friends.

Fun was had, ukes where played, songs where sung, alchohol was drunk, food was eaten, revelry and ukulele where the order of the day – in a jolly Xmas way..

A great success.  We think we’ll be doing it again.

A couple of photos of the evening can be found here – Xmas Ukulele Singalong photo’s 2017

You never know, maybe a couple of video’s will emerge later.

If you’re ever in Groningen and itching to uke – pop in for a visit – every second tuesday in o’ceallaighs Irish Pub.